Summit Europe Syndicate Sessions Track 7

7: Brand and Comms and Customer Engagement

<p><strong>For Brand and Communications Leaders:</strong></p> <p>Brand and communications leaders know that building and maintaining a stellar reputation is more important and more complicated than ever. Integrating brand and reputation activities into marketing campaigns and sales motions helps them prove value. Thought leadership programmes that act as a link between the brand and products are a key part of this. In this track, we will provide insights and practical advice to help brand and communications leaders understand the latest trends and data-driven approaches that are driving the best results.</p> <p><strong>For Customer Engagement Leaders:</strong></p> <p>While customer success, customer marketing and customer experience leaders are making significant progress toward adequate visibility and investment in existing customers, they must continue to improve the customer experience to support retention, loyalty, growth and advocacy. Many organisations fail to leverage customer loyalty, leaving cross-sell and upsell opportunities on the table while also running into challenges in their retention strategies. In this track, we will explain how to measure and optimise retention and growth and maximise the impact of customer engagement in your organisation.</p>