Summit Europe Syndicate Sessions Track 6

6: Product Management and Technology

<p><strong>For Product Management Leaders:</strong></p> <p>The job of a product management leader has become increasingly complex, especially as organisations shift their focus from one-time sales to subscriptions and from standalone products to a portfolio of solutions. What hasn&rsquo;t changed is product management&rsquo;s responsibility to ensure that offerings meet customer needs and achieve goals for commercial success. To innovate faster and more successfully, product management leaders are looking to improve their efficiency by leveraging technology and optimising approaches to deliver valuable product capabilities. In this track, we will share emerging approaches that product leaders need to build into their product management playbooks, including topics such as leveraging minimum viable products to their full potential and looking at how product management may evolve in the future.</p> <p><strong>For Technology Leaders:</strong></p> <p><strong></strong>The rapid development of technologies targeted at b-to-b sales, marketing and product functions is fuelling a wave of transformational change in b-to-b organisations. As many organisations continue to struggle to see a return on their technology investments, a fundamental shift is required in how b-to-b leaders view the technology and services landscape to get the most from today&rsquo;s powerful technology options. In this track, we will offer ideas and best practices for optimising an organisation&rsquo;s b-to-b technology stack.</p>