Summit Europe Syndicate Sessions Track 5

5: Marketing + Sales Executive and Sales Enablement

<p><strong>For Marketing Executives:</strong></p> <p>In many b-to-b organisations, marketing&rsquo;s perceived value continues to be limited, which creates blind spots in marketing contribution. Marketing leaders are also constantly striving for seamless integrated campaigns in an audience-centric world, but they struggle to achieve a high level of success. In this track, we will share how to elevate the marketing organisation to become a strategic contributor to business performance and equip marketing leaders with ways to overcome obstacles that impact audience-centric campaigns.</p> <p><strong>For Sales Executives:</strong></p> <p> The mandate for CSOs is no longer to just make the number. The board expects sales leaders to establish a scalable and predictable revenue engine that delivers consistent results. However, changes in the way buyers make purchase decisions are putting tremendous pressure on sales leaders to rethink how they organise their sales teams and how they leverage innovations to increase productivity. In this track, we will discuss strategies for designing and optimising a high-performing sales organisation and explain new ways to execute and close business with an AI-enabled approach.</p> <p><strong>For Sales Enablement Leaders:</strong></p> <p><strong></strong>Only 38 percent of sales leaders are highly confident that they are going to meet their number this year. Now more than ever, sales enablement leaders need to deliver the knowledge, skills and process competencies that are required for salespeople to develop and succeed. Sales enablement also needs to provide reps with the right assets that will help them be as productive as possible. In this track, we will share how to align sales enablement training with the real-world interactions that reps have with customers and how to create a best-in-class asset management environment.</p>