Summit EuropeSpeakers Kerry Cunningham

Kerry Cunningham

Senior Research Director, Marketing Operations Strategies

Kerry Cunningham has more than 20 years of experience in b-to-b demand creation and management, spanning a broad array of industries and markets. 

As vice president of operations for a leading b-to-b teleservices organization for more than 15 years, Kerry has been a thought leader in the design and implementation of inside sales, tele-prospecting, telemarketing and processes and teams for a wide array of b-to-b products, solutions and services. From more than a decade spent straddling the fence between marketing and sales, Kerry has also developed a wealth of experience expertise in the alignment of marketing and sales organizations. Along the way, Kerry has developed implemented lead management processes for many of the world’s most prominent b-to-b brands, amassing substantial real-world expertise in lead acquisition, governance and propensity modeling. 

Kerry also possesses a unique combination of academic and real-world expertise in organizational design and management, including expertise in cross-cultural organizational design and change management, employee selection and retention, and performance management.
Kerry has a BA in psychology from Indiana University and an MS in industrial/organizational psychology from San Francisco State University, where his research focused on illuminating the drivers of human economic behavior, and where he authored a blog devoted to reporting on the latest research in behavioral economics and consumer behavior.