Summit EuropeSpeakers Barbara Rubis

Barbara Rubis

Research Director, Sales Operations Strategies

Barbara has distinguished herself with her ability to understand and manage details while synchronizing them within the sales operations ecosystem. Her areas of expertise include sales compensation planning and administration, sales intelligence, sales processes, tools and technologies, territory and quota design, crediting and payment rules, sales policies, pricing strategies, and sales execution. Barbara is also an expert in operational and organization change management, vendor selection, perpetual to software-as-a-service revenue model migrations, and working and managing systems integrators.

Prior to joining SiriusDecisions, Barbara worked at Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE), where she last served as director of global sales compensation. In this role, she was responsible for integrating and divesting multiple sales organizations due to mergers, acquisitions and divestitures – along with global process and capability deployments. Many of these efforts touched all aspects of sales compensation, which included a sales compensation plan’s effects and dependencies on integral processes (e.g. customer master data management, transactional data sourcing, sales and business intelligence). During her tenure with HPE, Barbara held several senior management positions in sales compensation and pricing with global- and theater-wide scope. Prior to joining HPE, Barbara held other operations roles with Enron Oil and Gas in Houston, Texas.

Barbara earned her bachelor’s degree from Wittenberg University, where she studied biology with an emphasis in marine science. She later attended Texas A&M University in pursuit of a master of science.