Summit Europe Sessions What Really Counts in Channel Measurement

What Really Counts in Channel Measurement

Speaker(s):  Maria Chien, Jeff Clark

Syndicate(s): Marketing Strategy and Operations

Focus: Operationalize

Priorities: Channel Marketing Strategy and Planning; Marketing Reporting and Measurement

Channel executives are challenged to define, measure and demonstrate channel’s impact on the business. The difficult part is that this proof involves avenues of contribution beyond demand marketing. Channel’s impact comes from partner recruitment campaign performance, partner enablement program effectiveness, channel demand ROI, partner lead conversion rates, channel launch success and more. Another challenge is accurately defining critical channel measurement data. The most effective channel teams develop dashboards that include leading and lagging indicators of success that show what each audience needs for data-driven decisionmaking. This presentation will provide the following benefits:

For channel marketing and channel/marketing operations:

  • Understand key channel metrics and how to measure channel marketing’s impact on – and value to – the business
  • Hear recommendations for channel reporting needs by audience, including executives, functional leadership, team leadership and individual contributors
  • See examples of best practices for measuring channel marketing effectiveness to support enhanced decisionmaking