Summit Europe Sessions Take Me to Your Leader The Leadership Traits That Matter Most for B-to-B Success

Take Me to Your Leader: The Leadership Traits That Matter Most for B-to-B Success

Speaker(s):  Meta Karagianni, Jennifer Ross

Syndicate(s): Executive Leadership Exchange

Focus: Adopt

Priorities: Transformation

Why do organisations rise and fall on the qualities of their leaders? There is an abundance of data and research on the traits of effective leaders and how important they are. There is far less clarity on how to turn those traits into effective outcomes and where a leader’s intervention can make a critical difference. This presentation will provide the following benefits:

For sales, marketing and product:

  • See how peers and their teams have ranked the importance and effectiveness of essential b-to-b leadership traits
  • Understand the embodiment of leadership characteristics in the b-to-b world and the impact they have on outcomes
  • Gain clarity on which leadership traits can have the most impact – positive and negative – on major business initiatives