Summit Europe Sessions Tailoring Your ABM Dashboard for Next Gen ABM

Tailoring Your ABM Dashboard for Next Gen ABM

Speaker(s):  Ross Graber, Bob Peterson

Syndicate(s): Account-Based Marketing

Focus: Optimize

Priorities: ABM Measurement

ABM measurement dashboards track progress against program goals, allowing course corrections along the way while also allowing ABM leaders to demonstrate impact in an aligned accountable organisation. With the increased focus on ABM as well as the emergence of technologies that better support measurement and reporting, now is the right time to think about taking your ABM dashboards to the next level. This presentation will provide the following benefits:

For marketing and sales:

  • Understand how companies should be measuring ABM performance and communicating ABM impact to senior leadership
  • Understand how ABM reporting should be used to drive action
  • Learn how to develop relevant ABM dashboards highlight key talking points for leadership