Summit Europe Sessions ROI Winner TIBCO

Return on Integration Winner: TIBCO Software

Speaker(s):  Emma Acton, Judit Szabo

TIBCO won in the category of Sales and Marketing Alignment / Transformation.

#BetterTogether - From Design Thinking to Campaign Architecting

This session outlines TIBCO Software's marketing evolution from a product-first marketing strategy to a use-case focussed go-to-market approach and highlights the very close collaboration between TIBCO's sales and marketing teams. We'll cover how the initial design thinking started in Europe three years ago and has now been adopted globally. The presentation will highlight how a needs-based, industry-focussed marketing campaign architecture has been the catalyst to a fundamental shift in a technology vendor's marketing strategy. We'll discuss the major milestones of this journey, the tools and processes that played a crucial part in the change, and the lessons learned along the way.