Summit Europe Sessions PMGMT and Tech_Revving Your Revenue Engine With the Sales Technology Stack

Revving Your Revenue Engine With the Sales Technology Stack

Friday 11 October 2019 | 14:30 - 15:10

Speaker(s):  John Donlon, Robert Muñoz

Syndicate(s): Track 6

Focus: Adopt, Operationalize

Priorities: Sales Processes and Infrastructure, Sales Productivity, Sales Reporting, Intelligence and Analysis, Sales Asset Management

Modern sales organisations are busy trying to qualify, develop and close leads and prospects. At the same time, many find it difficult to prioritise and assess new technologies because of the volume of solutions available and the rate of innovation. Sales organisations that deploy new technology can accelerate productivity gains, while those that don’t will find themselves at a competitive disadvantage. In this session, we’ll look at the revenue stack from a sales technology lens, providing a technical picture of what sales leaders need from opportunity to close.

This presentation will provide the following benefits for sales:

● Identify the sales business requirements that influence technology selection

● Understand how these technology solutions drive sales productivity

● Review the benefits of and metrics for measuring productivity improvement