Summit Europe Sessions PMGMT and Tech_Getting Product Management to Listen

Getting Product Management to Listen: Communicating Market Feedback to the Global Product Team

Thursday 10 October 2019 | 15:15 - 15:55

Speaker(s):  Lisa Singer

Syndicate(s): Track 6

Focus: Operationalize

Priorities: Product Portfolio Investment Decisions

Field input from all regions is often cited as a key factor in developing a customer- and market-focused offering. However, b-to-b organisations often struggle to supply regional teams with a consistent and clear approach to providing feedback, resulting in much input getting lost. In this session, we’ll share specific approaches for providing input and feedback, recommended templates, and a scoring model that will open the flow of ideas from the region and ensure ideas and input are considered as part of the investment decision-making process.

This presentation will provide the following benefits for product:

● Learn about a process for collecting input from customers, prospects, sales, support and partners from around the globe

● Understand how to evaluate and score input such as recommended offerings, enhancements and lifecycle recommendations

For marketing and sales:

● Learn about which components to include in field recommendations, including specific customer requests

● Explore an approach for evaluating customer requests and enhancement or innovation ideas to heighten their chances of acceptance

● Understand how customer success and customer marketing can play a key role in providing customer feedback and ensuring the success of offering enhancements