Summit Europe Sessions Partner Engagement Getting Your Unfair Share of Partner Mindshare

Partner Engagement: Getting Your Unfair Share of Partner Mindshare

Speaker(s):  Angela Leech

Syndicate(s): Channel Marketing, Sales Executive

Focus: Adopt, Optimize

Priorities: Partner Enablement and Engagement

Lack of partner engagement can be costly to channel organisations. Suppliers that don’t continually engage with their partners see a deterioration in partner performance and loyalty over time. As b-to-b organisations accumulate channel partners, however, few have the resources to engage equally with all of them. As a result, suppliers tend to focus exclusively on the 10 to 20 percent of partners that currently produce the most revenue, which are not necessarily the ones with the potential to deliver long-term revenue growth or profitability. In our annual CMO study, EMEA-based leaders identified enhancing partner capabilities as one of their top priorities – but improvements do not come easily and require a solid plan. This presentation will provide the following benefits:

For marketing:

  • Learn a new model for applying insight derived from segmentation to develop a prescriptive engagement and investment approach for each partner category
  • Understand how to use a programmatic approach to develop a long-term strategy for consistent, repeatable partner engagement that meets the needs of the entire partner ecosystem

For sales:

  • Learn how to maximise partner assessment to select the right engagement approaches that scale across partner segments
  • Gain insight into a well-aligned partner engagement strategy that maintains partner run-rate business, improves incremental opportunities, and drives productivity with top performers