Summit Europe Sessions MOS and SOS_CRO CMO CSO KPIs

CRO, CMO, CSO KPIs: Why Your Falling Lead Conversion Rates Are a Good Thing, and What to Measure Instead

Friday 11 October 2019 | 10:50 - 11:30

Speaker(s):  Kerry Cunningham, Vicki Brown

Syndicate(s): Track 3

Focus: Adopt, Operationalize

Priorities: Measurement and Analytics, Revenue Engine Optimization, ABM Measurement

As b-to-b organisations implement account-based marketing or even just more concerted marketing to accounts, one of the first symptoms of success is more leads from the accounts being targeted. That sounds like just the right outcome, but what that looks like with traditional Demand Waterfall® measurements is decreasing lead conversion rates. In this session, we’ll diagnose the problem with lead conversion metrics in an account-centric world and explain what to replace them with to create an accurate, more robust measurement of marketing’s impact.

This presentation will provide the following benefits for marketing and sales:

● Understand why declining lead conversion rates may be a good thing in an account-centric go-to-market strategy

● Learn why preparing the organisation to focus on a new set of demand marketing performance metrics can prevent heartache and wasted time

● Get insights into best practices for assessing the effectiveness of demand marketing programmes in an account-centric context