Summit Europe Sessions Marketing Infrastructure A Use Case Driven Path for Adopting Technology

Marketing Infrastructure: A Use Case Driven Path for Adopting Technology

Speaker(s):  Jeff Clark

Syndicate(s): Marketing Strategy and Operations

Focus: Adopt

Priorities: Marketing Infrastructure

In our annual CMO study, EMEA-based leaders reported a strong investment directed towards technology. As b-to-b organisations continue to transform, technology remains a critical element to scaling marketing efforts by automating key processes and increasing efficiency. With no shortage of potential choices available, the key question becomes: What technology stack is required, and how does that change at different stages of marketing and company growth? The answer to that question can be as wide-ranging as the various sizes, shapes and go-to-market models we see in marketing today. There is a core set of technologies that every nascent marketing function needs. As the function matures, the complexity of the buying process, differentiation of offerings and the degree to which sales or marketing drive the go-to-market strategy will have an impact how the technology stack develops. This presentation will provide the following benefits:

For marketing:

  • Understand how core sets of technology capabilities support the marketing and selling process
  • Identify capabilities required to support different go-to-market models
  • Learn how to tie future technology acquisition to business objectives as organisations grow and mature