Summit Europe Sessions Introducing the SiriusDecisions Sales Intelligence Model

Introducing the SiriusDecisions Sales Intelligence Model


Syndicate(s): Sales Strategy and Operations, Sales Executive

Focus: Adopt

Priorities: Sales Reporting, Analysis and Intelligence

Sales intelligence is the disciplined collection of internal and external data relevant to the sales organisation, combined with the analysis and production of intuitive, actionable, timely and context-sensitive insights. Delivering impactful sales intelligence requires an understanding of the essential business needs, questions and challenges of various consumers (e.g. salespeople, sales managers, senior sales leader, executives) and the capability to collect, analyse and disseminate information. In this track, we introduce the SiriusDecisions Sales Intelligence Model, which helps sales and sales operations evaluate organisational needs and then provide intelligence, insights and guidance that are role-based, context sensitive, timely and relevant. This presentation will provide the following benefits:

For sales:

  • Learn about the sales intelligence capabilities continuum, its major use cases and the capabilities required to support them
  • See examples of how high-performing sales organisations leverage sales intelligence to provide salespeople with intuitive insights that change their behaviour and outcomes
  • Define a roadmap that helps sales organisations prioritise their sales intelligence needs and continuously improve their sales intelligence capabilities