Summit Europe Sessions Introducing the Channel Sales Profitability Model Quantify the Probability of Success

Introducing the Channel Sales Profitability Model: Quantify the Probability of Success

Speaker(s):  Chris Cleary

Syndicate(s): Channel Sales, Sales Executive

Focus: Adopt

Priorities: Channel Sales Profitability

Channel sales leaders are not always able to quantify the financial impact of partnerships, and this hurts their ability to predict their readiness to meet revenue targets. This session will explain how channel leaders can use internal profitability metrics to objectively evaluate partner sales behaviours and partnering needs, and determine if the channel is ready to perform to expectations. This presentation will provide the following benefits:

For sales:

  • Evaluate partners’ sales behaviours to assess revenue quality and its impact on channel revenue targets
  • Understand how the channel sales organisation’s time is being used by partners and how to evaluate partner self-sufficiency
  • Learn how to measure the likelihood of meeting channel sales targets based on the existing channel, selling skills and partnering needs

For marketing:

  • Understand how to support the channel sales organisation as it completes a profitability assessment
  • Gain insights into how to use the channel sales profitability model outputs to drive decisions around channel enablement programs

For product:

  • Understand how partner revenue quality can influence decisions on product pricing and discounts
  • Learn how patterns of partner resource consumption can surface opportunities to drive improvements in product enablement