Summit Europe Sessions Global Pricing and Packaging Using the Blueprint for Global Products

Global Pricing and Packaging: Using the Blueprint for Global Products

Speaker(s):  Lisa Singer

Syndicate(s): Product Management

Focus: Operationalize

Priorities: Pricing and Packaging Strategy

The SiriusDecisions Pricing and Packaging Blueprint defines a best-in-class four-phase process that provides offering packaging that is easier to buy and sell, and pricing that is tailored to each buyer segment. Companies selling products globally face additional challenges and considerations as they are required to tailor pricing and packaging for different countries, particularly when determining packaging and pricing for a new geographic market. This presentation will provide the following benefits:

For product and marketing:

  • Understand the internal and market-specific external elements to review when developing pricing for new geographic markets
  • See the conditions that may trigger a need for pricing strategies to vary across countries
  • Understand the key interlock points required to ensure alignment among product, marketing and sales regarding offering pricing and packaging