Summit Europe Sessions Fast-Tracking Demand Creation Driving Better Engagement and Mktg Performance With Channel Partners

Fast-Tracking Demand Creation: Driving Better Engagement and Mktg Performance With Channel Partners

Speaker(s):  Angela Leech

Syndicate(s): Channel Marketing

Focus: Adopt, Operationalize, Optimize

Priorities: Channel Demand Creation

A growing number of b-to-b organisations are attempting to shift greater demand creation responsibility to their channel partners, yet channel partners often lack marketing skills and look to suppliers to enable and guide them in perfecting demand creation efforts and producing leads. Organisations that are focused on developing measurable, repeatable and scalable channel demand creation engines benefit by establishing a best-in-class methodology for driving greater partner marketing engagement and performance. These organisations emphasise the specific elements that support the fast-tracking demand process: partner and audience insights, marketing enablement and readiness, demand creation and performance measurement aligned to the channel partner needs. This presentation will provide the following benefits:

For sales, marketing and product:

  • Explore the updated SiriusDecisions Fast-Tracking Demand Creation Framework, and adopt an effective approach for driving better engagement and marketing performance with channel partners
  • Discover best practices for making channel marketing investments that drive contribution to pipeline and revenue results
  • Learn how following a prescribed process ensures partners have all the support they need to market suppliers’ products and offerings