Summit Europe Sessions Driving Successful ABM within the Parameters of Privacy

Driving Successful ABM within the Parameters of Privacy

Speaker(s):  Julian Archer, Bob Peterson

Syndicate(s): Account-Based Marketing

Focus: Operationalize

Priorities: ABM Program Planning and Execution; Marketing Data Management

Account-based marketing (ABM) has quickly risen to become a favoured strategic approach for b-to-b organisations of all sizes and industries. ABM’s core value proposition rests on the ability of sales and marketing to deliver relevant and timely insight, content and interactions to specific contacts within highly valued accounts. But what are the implications for ABM when operating within the European Union, now that the GDPR has become effective and privacy regulations must be adhered to at the risk of significant penalties? This presentation will provide the following benefits:

For sales, marketing and product:

  • Understand the current regulatory landscape, what adherence to GDPR means and how it impacts ABM
  • See how ABM can be effectively implemented in a post-GDPR environment
  • See examples of how other b-to-b organisations have successfully embraced GDPR to deliver successful ABM strategies