Summit Europe Sessions DMS and ABM_The New Age of Teleservices

The New Age of Teleservices

Thursday 10 October 2019 | 14:00 - 14:40

Speaker(s):  Vicki Brown

Syndicate(s): Track 1

Focus: Optimize

Priorities: Demand Functional Design and Development

Teleservices supports the first human interaction prospects have with your organisation – and it’s widely recognised that this initial human connection can either encourage further engagement or cause brand damage. Yet, an internal disconnect exists in many organisations – teleservices focuses on individual leads even if those individuals are already far into their buying process. The teleservices team must shift its focus to engage with targeted contacts earlier, when they first become active in a buying cycle. Teleservices also must be elevated and empowered to connect with multiple buyers in a buying group.

This presentation will provide the following benefits for sales, marketing and product:

● Learn how to empower teleservices to focus on buying groups, not just individuals

● Discover how to use teleservices to engage earlier with buyers in their journey

● Understand how to transform teleservices from a disposition function to a powerful engagement function within the revenue engine