Summit Europe Sessions DMS and ABM_Its No Longer Greek to Me

It’s No Longer Greek to Me! A New Approach to Optimizing the Account-Based Marketing and Sales Revenue Engine

Thursday 10 October 2019 | 15:15 - 15:55

Speaker(s):  Cristina De Martini, Bob Peterson

Syndicate(s): Track 1

Focus: Adopt

Priorities: ABM Strategy, Goals and Alignment

The SiriusDecisions Demand Unit Waterfall is a model designed to help b-to-b organisations better understand and track the account and contact activity within their current and prospective accounts. The Demand Unit Waterfall is particularly relevant to account-based marketing (ABM) as it provides a methodology for understanding the activities of individuals within specific buying groups, rather than simply focusing on multiple, disparate leads from these high-value accounts. However, many organisations struggle to articulate the contributions of sales and marketing in this new account-based ecosystem.

This presentation will provide the following benefits for sales and marketing:

● Understand the key requirements for adopting the Demand Unit Waterfall to support various account-based approaches (large-account marketing, named-account marketing, industry ABM)

● See how sales and marketing goals, responsibilities and metrics vary by deployment model within the Demand Unit Waterfall

● See examples of how other organisations have leveraged the Demand Unit Waterfall to support ABM processes