Summit Europe Sessions Demand Unit Waterfall The Data Model

Demand Unit Waterfall: The Data Model

Speaker(s):  Julian Archer, John Donlon

Syndicate(s): Marketing Strategy and Operations

Focus: Operationalize

Priorities: Marketing Data Management

“Water, water, everywhere, yet not a drop to drink”…oh, how we revel in the volume of data available to us, yet lament how little insight it actually provides us! For organisations transitioning to the Demand Unit Waterfall, this issue is amplified, because marketing operations leaders must now account for data supporting a redefined total addressable market, in-market demand, and demand unit orientation throughout the rest of the waterfall. Successfully capture and apply this intelligence, however, and it delivers far greater clarity into the progression of demand and enables the fine-tuning of demand-related activities. This presentation will provide the following benefits:

For marketing:

  • Understand the data required at each stage of the Demand Unit Waterfall for both execution and measurement
  • See an example of a SiriusDecisions client that has successfully built a data model to support its Demand Unit Waterfall implementation

For sales:

  • Understand the important role that sales now plays in defining the data captured at the early stages of the Demand Unit Waterfall
  • Recognise the ability of the Demand Unit Waterfall to align the marketing function to an opportunity-driven view of demand