Summit Europe Sessions Building an Inspiring Brand Through Customer Engagement

Building an Inspiring Brand Through Customer Engagement

Speaker(s):  Lisa Nakano, Julie Ogilvie

Syndicate(s): Customer Engagement, Marketing Executive

Focus: Adopt

Priorities: Brand Experience; Employee and Executive Communications; Customer Lifecycle Retention

A great brand captures the essence of what a company stands for in an authentic way that’s both relevant and differentiated for its key audiences. It’s also a system of meaning and values that should guide strategic decisions and everyday behaviour for employees. However, for many companies, the brand becomes muddled because employees either don’t know or don’t care about it, and the result is inconsistent and frustrating customer experiences. So what are the requirements for creating an inspiring brand and bringing it to life through employees, contributing to strong customer engagement throughout all phases of the post-sale lifecycle? This presentation will provide the following benefits:

For sales, marketing and product:

  • Gain a deeper understanding of the attributes of great b-to-b brands and how they strengthen customer engagement
  • Learn how to empower employees to deliver against your company’s brand promise in a way that engages and inspires customers
  • Pinpoint the brand enablement and customer engagement activities that drive the greatest impact