Summit Europe Sessions Boards and Revenue Engine Leaders Forging a Stronger Relationship

Boards and Revenue Engine Leaders: Forging a Stronger Relationship

Speaker(s):  Caroline Bright, Phil Harrell, Tony Jaros

Syndicate(s): Executive Leadership Exchange

Focus: Adopt

Priorities: Marketing Strategy and Investment; Sales Strategy; Product Innovation and Lifecycle Process

The relationship that sales, marketing and product executives have with their board members is critical to their long-term survival and success. However, few of these executives ever receive candid insight into exactly what this key audience is looking for from them, both in terms of how they should shape their relationships with their peers, and how best to communicate results and challenges. This presentation will provide the following benefits:

For sales, marketing and product:

  • Understand what boards are looking for in terms of the relationship between sales, marketing and product leaders at companies of different sizes and growth stages
  • Learn what boards want to see in presentations from revenue engine leaders when a company makes – and misses – its quarterly and annual goals
  • Hear what missteps will put revenue engine leaders in the most jeopardy from veteran board members