Summit Europe Sessions Bigtincan Marketplace Spotlight

Corning Life Sciences Transforms Sales People to Trusted Advisors

Friday 11 October 2019 | 10:20 - 10:40


Speakers: Melanie Leitch, Manager, Sales Training at Corning Life Sciences

Corning’s sales team delivers 10,000s of products critical for scientists’ research to solve the world’s biggest health issues. The challenge is matching the right products to address these customers’ needs. Working with Bigtincan, we created a sales tool that dynamically recommends the right products based on answers customers give our team in real-time. Our sales people are now adding value to the conversation with proven solutions backed up by scientific data directly from their mobile devices.

Join this session with Melanie to learn how Corning worked with Bigtincan to:

  • Co-create a real-time dynamic product recommendation tool
  • Provide solutions tailored to our customer’s needs from their smart devices
  • Mobilize a database of 10,000s products to the field and keep it updated
  • Turn our salespeople into trusted advisors