Summit Europe Sessions Are You Ready for Account-Based Marketing

Are You Ready for Account-Based Marketing

Speaker(s):  Nicky Briggs, Bob Peterson

Syndicate(s): Account-Based Marketing, Marketing Executive

Focus: Adopt

Priorities: ABM Strategy, Goals and Alignment

Account-based marketing (ABM) continues to attract attention in b-to-b marketing in Europe and is yielding great results for many organisations, but some find it harder than others or take longer to get those results. Often the challenges faced connect directly back to how ready the wider organisation is to adopt an ABM approach. Key readiness questions such as “Are your other marketing processes reasonably well established?”, “Is sales ready to work with marketing in this way?” and “Do you have the resources needed to be successful?” must be addressed early to ensure the greatest chance of success. This presentation will provide the following benefits:

For marketing and sales:

  • Understand the common challenges associated with ABM adoption and how to avoid them
  • Identify the key components to consider in assessing your company’s readiness to adopt an ABM approach
  • Gain insight into what actions you can take to mitigate blind spots and get to value faster