Summit Europe Sessions Aligning Sales and Marketing to Pursue Large Must-Win Deals

Aligning Sales and Marketing to Pursue Large Must-Win Deals

Speaker(s):  Nicky Briggs,

Focus: Optimize

Priorities: ABM Program Planning and Execution

Account-based marketing leaders are increasingly turning their attention to supporting large, must-win opportunities, either when program success is predicated on the outcome of these large deals or as a way of scaling ABM support to a larger number of accounts in a way that is aligned to company growth. Sales is often receptive to such approaches, especially when ABM can support the existing opportunity management methodology and sales is incentivised to pursue large strategic deals. But first, sales and account-based marketers need to get aligned and understand how the two processes fit together and can complement one another. This presentation will provide the following benefits:

For marketing:

  • Understand how sales qualifies and pursues large deals, and when marketing can build on this to validate which deals they can support
  • Recognise how to supplement the sales opportunity management methodology to ensure the information needs of marketing are met while delivering value to sales
  • Understand how to execute strategies that complement the bid team’s efforts to surround the entirety of the buying centre

For sales:

  • Understand how marketing can support and add value in a large-deal-pursuit program to improve win rates
  • Gain a deeper understanding of marketing’s information needs to facilitate earlier involvement and minimise knowledge transfer time
  • Learn about the range of marketing strategies and tactics that can be used to complement core bid team efforts