Summit Europe Sessions Agile Demand Creation Programs Are You Building a Bridge or Crossing a River

Agile Demand Creation Programs: Are You Building a Bridge or Crossing a River?

Speaker(s):  Simon Jones,

Syndicate(s): Demand Creation, Marketing Executive

Focus: Adopt

Priorities: Demand Program Design, Planning and Execution

Agile has its origins in one simple philosophy: “The main point of development is to create software” or, to put it a different way, if you need to cross a river, why spend six months building a bridge when spending five minutes dropping stepping stones into the river will get the job done just as well? So what does agile mean for b-to-b marketing, and can you really take something conceived for software development and apply it to marketing, a discipline that is fundamentally different? This presentation will provide the following benefits:

For sales, marketing and product:

  • Get a working definition of agile marketing for use by marketing, sales and product teams
  • Understand how an adapted agile scrum methodology can be applied to demand creation program design and testing using SiriusDecisions’ existing frameworks and models
  • See how to create a crawl, walk, run strategy to implement agile marketing in demand creation program planning, design and execution