Summit Europe ROI Awards

ROI Awards: Call for Nominations

SiriusDecisions is inviting clients to submit nominations for its Return on Integration (ROI) Awards, the two (2) winners of which will present at the SiriusDecisions Summit, 3-4 October, in London. Nominees will be considered based on the following:


The ROI Award demonstrates an organization has achieved strong sales, marketing and/or product alignment, and as a result has improved company performance. Specific criteria include:

Award Categories

We are looking for best practices in the following key areas (awards will not be given in every category):

Other Requirements

Nominees for an ROI Award must complete the following:

Nominations window will open on 23 April 2018 and close on 4 June 2018. SiriusDecisions will choose finalists and then schedule interviews with key stakeholders. Winners will be chosen and notified by 21 July 2018. Outline discussions will be scheduled the following week and first-draft presentations are due by 13 August 2018. Finalists and winners will be recognized before and during the Summit event.

Non-Considered Submissions

Nominations from the following will not be given consideration by the SiriusDecisions team:

Sales and marketing vendors can nominate clients for ROI awards; however, the nomination form and process must be completed by the client, not the vendor. Vendor-completed nominations will not be considered, and vendors will not be allowed to speak on behalf of a client.

Additional questions/clarification about the ROI Awards can be directed to Tony Jaros, President and Chief Product Officer of SiriusDecisions.

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