Summit Europe Lunch and Learns Salesforce Pardot Lunch and Learn

The Trailblazers Guide to Marketing that Sales Teams Love with Salesforce Pardot and Simcorp

Merind Hillier (Peppard), Carrie Smith, Charlotte Blicher, Jens Olivarius

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B2B marketers are continuously facing challenges with today’s marketing landscape. Without one source of truth, B2B marketers are unable to provide personalised interactions, leverage artificial intelligence, and gain actionable insights needed for sales teams to close more deals. However, with the right solution in place, marketing and sales can align to focus on the same goals and drive more revenue for their business.

Join Salesforce Pardot and Simcorp as they share tips and best practices for finding more leads, closing more deals, and maximising marketing ROI by connecting sales and marketing to grow business faster.

Learn how to:

  • Find and nurture more leads with powerful marketing automation
  • Close more deals by aligning sales and marketing
  • Maximise ROI with intelligent campaign insights


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