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Rethinking Demand Gen: How SAP Cloud ERP Harnesses the Power of the Handraiser

Sponsor Name: PathFactory

Speaker: Schalk Viljoen, Digital Marketing Strategist, SAP

SAP Cloud ERP has a mountain of content. Really good content that spans topics, formats, funnel stages, and personas. In fact they have more content than space to host it on their web properties. The SAP Cloud ERP marketing team found a scalable way to deliver more of their valuable content to prospects at targeted points throughout their journey.

To achieve this, Schalk and his team implemented PathFactory’s Content Insight and Activation Platform to quickly and easily build and iterate on campaigns. Now, with a single click, prospects land in a Content Track–a tailored collection of content delivered at specific stages throughout the buyer journey. In addition to amplifying demand generation opportunities across multiple channels, the SAP Cloud ERP’s Content Insight and Activation strategy gives them more confidence in their GDPR compliance and allows them to collect valuable content engagement data. 

Join this session to learn:

  • How the SAP Cloud ERP marketing team delivers more content to the right people across more channels using Content Insight and Activation
  • How Content Insight and Activation helps SAP speed up how they build and execute targeted campaigns
  • How to remove friction and increase content consumption throughout the buyer’s journey