Summit Europe Case Studies PathFactory

Uncovering the unknown: how Nokia reaches a new audience in a new market

Friday 11 October 2019 | 11:40 - 12:25

Sponsor Name: PathFactory

Speakers: Zsuzsanna Blau, Sr. Manager, Global Enterprise Marketing Campaigns, Nokia; Gary Holland, Marketing Campaign Strategist, Nokia

Nokia has a long history in the telecommunications space but needed an innovative way to establish its reputation in a new market that’s dominated by established players. This required the Nokia marketing team to create a fresh approach that would educate a mainly Millennial audience about its solutions. Now, a click marks the start of a journey, not the end. Any visitor who responds to campaign tactics—such as display or search ads, social, or email outreach—lands in a Content Track where they can consume other relevant assets, accelerating the self-education phase of their buyer’s journey. By serving forms on the right content at the right time, more unknown visitors are willing to share their information. This allows Nokia to consistently increase the number of target account visitors to specially curated content, identify new potential targets, and qualify leads based on content engagement alone.

Join this session to learn how Nokia:

  • Developed a content strategy to engage Millennial B2B decision-makers and their circle of influence
  • Doubled target accounts with help from PathFactory insights
  • Achieved an average engagement time of 15 minutes by enabling unrestricted access to binge-able content
  • Improved their Sales & Marketing alignment, eliciting fantastic feedback from sales leaders on campaign performance