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GDPR for Marketing Teams: How to Tackle Consent and Preference Management

Sponsor Name: OneTrust

Speaker: Kevin Kiley; Vice President of Sales & Partnership at OneTrust 

Consent is an active area that many marketing teams are struggling with in GDPR (and ePrivacy). Consent impacts both B2B and B2C marketing activities, as well as deeper business activities that may require consent such as automatic decision making, processing special categories of data, or cross-border data transfers. This session will help clarify why consent is so unique in GDPR, when you do (and don’t) need consent, and practical case studies of how to tackle consent, re-consent, and preference management in practice. 

  • Why is consent so unique in the GDPR?
  • What are the GDPR's implications for marketing teams?
  • When do (and don't) you need consent?
  • How do you tackle consent, re-consent, and preference management in practice?