Summit Europe Case Studies NewsCred

Fueling Marketing Transformation: How Shell Is Reinventing Content Planning, Brand Compliance, & Creative Request Management — At Scale

Thursday 10 October 2019 | 12:00 - 12:45

Sponsor Name: NewsCred

Speakers: Ben Glatz, Digital Transformation Lead, Shell; Shafqat Islam, Co-Founder & CEO, NewsCred

3 use cases. 1000s of stakeholders. And tens of thousands of creative requests.

For a company like Shell, growing a global business means employing a global marketing operation. But having the frameworks, governance, and processes in place to support an organization with 80,000+ employees is easier said than done. Join Ben Glatz, Digital Transformation Lead at Shell, and Shafqat Islam, Co-Founder & CEO at NewsCred, as they share insights, tips, and blueprints around how Shell:

  • Centralized long-term campaign planning, bringing multiple teams together for alignment across content strategy, upcoming events, & key priorities
  • Developed brand compliance workflows, ensuring every marketing deliverable was on-time, on-budget, & on-brand
  • Operationalized an intelligent routing system for ad hoc creative requests, facilitating the prioritization, assignment & delivery of marketing assets — with visibility for every stakeholder