Summit Europe Case Studies Ledger Bennett Case Study

From months to minutes: Closing business faster with Marketing. How we built a centralised marketing function from scratch (a Canon story)

Sponsor Name: Ledger Bennett

Speaker: Darian Sims, B2B Marketing Excellence Director, Canon Europe

From inception to execution, Canon tells the story of how they built a centralised marketing function serving 21 European countries. The resulting function now spans the B2B value proposition, partner marketing and Demand Centre, alongside Ledger Bennett.  The combined Canon and Ledger Bennett team bring extensive experience laying the foundation for centralised marketing success across the omni-channel today and into the future. And now, Canon will be sharing their secrets with you in an interactive session, cutting through the myths with an honest account of their experiences. Offering up insight into the challenges, pitfalls and successes along the way, they’ll be baring their soul to give REAL perspective. Don’t miss out!