Summit Europe Case Studies 1330 Bigtincan Case Study

How BIOTRONIK is Creating More Efficient Commercial Teams and Improving Customer Interaction through Sales Enablement

Sponsor Name: Bigtincan

Speaker: Juan Pablo Torres, Marketing Project Manager, BIOTRONIK

With a global sales team operating in over 100 countries and in several languages, BIOTRONK, a leading medical device company, was in need of a sales enablement solution that would make the complex task of content delivery simple. BIOTRONIK chose Bigtincan to deliver the right content to the right people at the right time, on or offline, on any device. 

Join Juan Pablo Torres, Marketing Project Manager at BIOTRONIK, to learn how deploying Bigtincan enabled BIOTRONIK to:

  • Achieve enthusiastic adoption from the sales team
  • Create additional value in each of its customer interactions
  • Strongly align their sales and marketing teams for increased success