Summit Europe Case Studies 1130 Bigtincan Case Study

Sales Enablement 2.0 - The Intelligize Project: Early Experiences and Lessons Learned

Alan Gonsenhauser

Sponsor Name: Bigtincan

Speaker: Robin Griffiths, CEO of BPM Works 

Intelligize, a LexisNexis company, is the leading provider of best-in-class content, exclusive news collections, regulatory insights, and powerful analytics tools for compliance and transactional professionals.

Intelligize was looking for a solution that would improve their salespeople's ability to probe for customer needs, help them be better prepared before calls and meetings, and make up-to-date materials easy to find. 

 Join Robin Griffiths, CEO of BPM Works, to learn:

  • The benefits of a Sales Enablement 2.0 solution
  • Early lessons learned for successful deployment and roll-out
  • How Intelligize was able to boost adoption, get early productivity gains, and sales successes